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Renew your Landfill Gate Access Card ONLY After January 1st, 202O and after renewing your Club Membership.

A new 2020 Gate Access Gate Rules Form is available on this web site under the above Forms & Rules.  You should read and understand it, but to wait until January 2020 before going to the Landfill office to renew your magnetic gate card. There is no charge if you already have a card.  In order to save time, you may copy this form and fill in the information. However, do not sign it ahead of time. Landfill management has asked us to wait as they have to renew everyone else who requires access to the landfill in December.

HeartStart Defbrillator Video

A Defibrillator has been installed inside the shed

near the serving area at Memorial Field.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video. It could save a friend's life.

No Membership Meeting June, July, August or September

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
7:00 pm - 7:29 pm
Monthly on the 2nd Wednesday
Membership Meeting
R/C Fliers Of Venice Inc
Venice City Hall
Jim Johnson - (941) 586-1382
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No Membership Meeting June, July, August or September

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What's New?

1/25/2020> Added January 2020 Scramble Sheet and updated Banner Alert with Defibrillator Information.

1/3/2020> Added December 2019 Scramble Sheet.

11/26/2019> Added November 2019 Scramble Sheet.. Updated Club Calendar. Added Early Club History.

5/30/2019> Added May 2019 Scramble Sheet

4/26/2019> Added April 2019 Scramble Sheet

3/29/2019>Added March 2019 “Wings Over Venice” Scramble Sheet

2/24/2019> Added Feb 2019 Scramble Sheet

1/29/2019> Added CORRECTED Jan 2019 Scramble Sheet

12/21/2018> Added 2019 Gate Access Form & Rules

11/30/2018>Updated Club Calendar > 2019 Membership Renewal Form and 2019 Membership Renewal and Payment Process under Forms & Rules




FAA Registration


It has always been the R/C Fliers of Venice Club policy that FAA Registration is between you and the FAA. Though we highly recommend that you register, we do not check for registration. When you edit your Profile, you will find a box for "FAA Registration Number". If you enter your Number there, the next time you check your Profile, it will be gone. That is because we setup the Club Profile as "FAA Not Required". So, nothing to worry about. Leave it blank.

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